What I Write


I love to write!  I am actively writing nonfiction and short fiction stories.  In 2015, I created So Smartsy Publications as an online venue here, where I can showcase my work.

So Smartsy Publications

                                                                                                             So Smart.  So Artsy.

Soon to be published, BEHAVE! is a little bit funny, a little bit sad and 100% true.  This memoir chronicles the ways in which, day after day, my work life rivaled the dysfunctional daily life of my college years.  They were both competing for my affection and both tying for first.

I am also a poet who often writes about the invisible internal struggles I face using vivid imagery.  WARRIOR is a forthcoming book of poetry.



I co-authored this two-part blog series for Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) on the rise of the open education resources (OER) movement in higher education, where we discuss the history and established need for decreased pricing and increased options among learning resources as well as best practices for how to create and share them.



MY RESUME also references my longstanding role as a writer with various colleges, as I assumed extracurricular professional roles as a part of committees and councils.