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More or less, I’ve had two distinct career paths:  one in higher education and one in the food and beverage industry.  Yes, they are drastically different in terms of knowledge, skills and dispositions (and work schedules….WOW!!) yet they have both evoked a lot of joy in my life.  As I go to work every day in a very open, contemporary work environment in higher ed, there are days where I miss working as a cook and making pastries or working a dining room connecting with consumers dining out.  I miss wearing Dansko clogs, chef whites and being covered in food at the end of an 11-hour shift.  Yet, at this juncture in my life, I don’t think I would trade in my mini skirts and wedge heels, funky tights, Levi’s skinny jeans or scoop neck tees for a life in the restaurant biz.  I’m nomadic and it’s cool, so I continue to experience my love of food and beverage by gallivanting 90 miles to Boston with my Chef-hubby to devour whatever delights we can discover when the opportunity or mood strikes us to do so.  If you look at my resume, it’s true to my experiences, yet misses many of the aforementioned restaurant experiences only in the interest of having a palatable resume.  Otherwise, it would be much too long and start to become blah, blah, blah, like a restaurant menu in a greasy diner.  I’m saying that to say, MY RESUME is a worthwhile read and check out the first website I designed to complete my Master’s degree.  I also have a soft spot for career development — the process of helping others get to where they want to be intrigues me and I’ve been invited to speak about it a couple of times:  Creative Career Readiness: OER that teach the intangible  and  The Creative Professional.