Who I am

website picI am multifaceted.  I’ve never been any other way.  I’m a dork.  I’m curious.  I’m artsy.  It’s as simple as that.

I could say so many things about this vast life of mine.  Why would anyone want to listen to my stories?  How do I tell them anyway?  I tell them in chunks, tidbits & pieces inside this space I’ve created.  Maybe my words, ideas and stories will resonate with you or merely make you think.  Perhaps they’ll make you laugh or smile or weep.  It’s possible they’ll inspire you in some small way or change your life for the better.

Maybe they’ll just be entertaining.

There’s a chance they’ll change your perception of who I really am and realize that I can’t be compartmentalized; there is no box in which all of me will ever fit at once.

I am human.  I am flawed.  I am bubbly.  I am brown.  I am a writer, artist and dancer.  I am an educator.  I am a globe trotter and foodie.  I really have been there and done that.  In chunks, tidbits & pieces, you will get to know me here in my personal world, professional life and artistic zone.  Thank you for stopping by to hang out with me.